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Sinclair Community College
Humanities 125-8A: The Human Image
Department: Humanities, Government, and Modern Languages
Division: Liberal Arts and Sciences

Summer A 2012

Instructor: Fred Gillenwater
Contact Information:
Humanities Department: (937) 512-2844
Mailbox Location: 16-131 or HHLC

Texts: Sayre, Henry M. (2010). Discovering the Humanities.

Course Description: This course introduces the student to the study of the humanities. Focusing on the Western tradition and using interdisciplinary methods, students will investigate the cultural, historical, literary, political, aesthetic, and philosophical factors critical to the formulation of the values that shaped the historical development of the individual and society.

Course Objectives: This course is designed to sharpen critical thinking and communication skills, cultivate an awareness of the moral and ethical insight needed for participation in the human community, and increase knowledge and understanding of the vocabulary, methods, and selected ???artifacts??? within the humanities.

Course Requirements: 1) Attendance at lectures/discussions??”class begins promptly at 11:00 am. Missing more than two class periods will result in an automatic failure of the course. 2) Completion of assigned readings and Reading Questions before class??”this facilitates literate participation in the classroom. Reading Questions will not be accepted late. If a student is going to miss a class, he or she is still responsible for turning in the Reading Questions by 11:00am the day they are due. A student??™s letter grade will be helped or hurt according to his or her level of in-class participation. 3) Exam??”there will be a comprehensive final exam.

Grading: Each assignment counts as follows:
Reading Questions??”60% (200 points)
Final Examination??”30% (100 points)
Class Participation??”10% (30 points)
The grading scale is as follows:
A = 100 – 90
B = 89 ??“ 80
C = 79 ??“ 70
D = 69 ??“ 60
F = 59 ??“ 0

Course Calendar:
Date Topic Reading

06/20 Introduction/Course Overview

06/25 Ancient Civilizations Sayre, Chapter 1

06/27 Ancient Greece Sayre, Chapter 2

07/02 Ancient Rome Sayre, Chapter 3

07/04 Independence Day: Campus Closed Sayre, Chapter 4

07/09 The Early Middle Ages Sayre, Chapter 5
*Chapters 4 and 5 Reading Questions due this session

07/11 The High and Late Middle Ages Sayre, Chapter 6

07/16 The Renaissance Sayre, Chapter 7

07/18 The European Reformations Sayre, Chapter 8

07/23 Final Examination