Topic: ???Should dogs be banned from city street???

Dogs are said to be human??™s best friends and, nowadays, have become the most popular pets. Not only are they lovely, judicious and charming but also have a positive influence on children and that is why they are so common. On the other hand, they also have their needs, which an owner is obligated to satisfy. These includes everyday walks and plays. And here is the question of what to do, when one is living in a city centre. Personally, I feel that dogs should be banned from city streets because there is no room for them to run around safely in the city, they present a sanitation problem and the possibility of their biting someone is great.

Because dogs need a lot of exercise, they need a place where they can run freely. Living in a city provides us with great difficulty of securing the dog with required space to play. A 5-minutes walk is not what will be suitable for a big pupil as he needs more physical effort that this. Moreover, while running on the streets without attention, they only pose a menace to car accidents, what can be fatal in a consequence.
Another important issue is that, until dogs can clean up their own messes, they have no place on the streets. Everybody knows that they have their bodily needs and a appropriate place for them should be created in the metropolises. If the dogs continue to ???poop??? on the streets, our city will become dirty and unpleasant. To make matter worse, the feces may be harmful both for other dogs and humans, especially children.
What is more, as the city crowds many people into relatively small area dogs are more likely to become frightened and bite. Even if we are sure of the peaceful nature of our dog, we must bear in mind that it is only an animal which reacts instinctively in stressful situations, such as being overwhelmed by the number of people. The smallest issue may trigger unconscious response of biting and a small accident may turn into very big problem. The owner is fully responsible for the behaviour of his dog, no matter what will happen, so we may end up in really unpleasant situation if our dog attacks someone.
Walks in so crowded places, instead of being a pleasure and reward for our pupil, will turn into stressful, unloved event, making the dog more nervous.

To sum up, I would say that, despite the dogs are providing us with a lot of joy and fun they should be kept in an adequate surrounding and people, who are not able to fulfill mentioned needs shouldn??™t take such a responsibility and buy a dog. That??™s why I believe that government should impose the prohibition of dogs in the city streets as this causes significant problems.