Amazon Database utilizes its database to provide a productive and efficient way of conducting their operational business needs. Amazon developed most of its own technology to take online orders, coordinate distribution, and handle large volumes of E-mail. This technology has allowed Amazon to create a database where people who visits their website can register personal information such as phone numbers and addresses. The system also allows users to input information where it could alert you of a family members or friends birthday. Typically the system that Amazon has created is a reminder service to prompt for other purchases, a system with one-click ordering, and a secure place for credit-card transactions. Once an order has been placed, the system will send out a packing order and will have that item shipped to the address that has been provided.
With technology, nothing is certain Amazon may have created a top-notch database however they too have also encountered issues. Amazon experienced a system outage twice in one year. The site went down for up to nine hours because of a lack of adequate computer-backup systems. This outage disrupted service for many of Amazon??™s clients. Other data management issues that Amazon could encounter are security issues over the data that has been obtained through Amazon, these data could be hacked into and personal information could be leaked or stolen. According to Amazon??™s Chief Technology Officer Shel Kaphan, ???nothing is bullet proof, Amazon??™s technology is always in scaffolding, and technology will always be a work in progress.???
The data and information that Amazon has collected are transformed into knowledge. The relationship amongst these is the data that it collects are turned into information and both then transformed into knowledge. Data that are gathered from customer??™s transactions that frequently visit on a daily basis are stored into Amazons database. The data are then translated into information for Amazon and its customers to view, this information can be seen on As you enter, most information will be listed. Some examples of this information are ???items to consider, related items you??™ve viewed, what other customers are looking at right now, and also has a section on recent searches that you placed on a search engine. Data that are gathered are translated into information to be viewed by Amazon and its customers. From this knowledge is created especially for Amazons higher-level executives, marketing, and accounting personals. Forms of this knowledge are considered to be revenue from weekly and monthly sales, products that are being purchased, and management of inventory.