African American

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Journal Entry (Essay)

African American


Michelle Thornbury

The creation that African-Americans had faced was colonization. There were two different forms of supporters, the northern supporters and the southern supporters. The northern had the approach of modern anti-slavery as the southern is the increasing population of the southern seen it as a ???neutral??? way of dealing with the ???problem???
The consequence was segregation. African-Americans did however face segregation for the white Americans wanted the African-Americans to know they were different. African-Americans were to use bathrooms, libraries, schools etc. away from the white population for was not accepted. As well the white Americans in the African-Americans was not entitled to have relations of any kinds with one another this could come with severe consequences if made within the public.
In 1954 Thurgood Marshall was the attorney for the in a NAACP. The Supreme Court ruled that the segregation of schools were inherently unequal. There are approximately 47.5 million African-Americans throughout the United States. Although the United States has African-American population the two following states have the highest population of African-Americans with District of Columbia having 60% of African-Americans and Mississippi at 36.33%.
African-Americans originated mostly from the coast of West Africa. The people were slaved out (traded) due to high demands for goods and crops such as rum (colonial), sugar, tobacco etc. these were the products with high demand. New Orleans and Louisiana were to huge slave Mart grounds. Women will be found bound together by rope and man chained around the neck together until they got to the trade market at times they covered 30 miles daily by foot not excluding the young children to be slaved out. 4 million slaves were spread throughout the south in the year 1860.
African-Americans went through horrendous obstacles to survive and provide for themselves as well as their children and family and home but later became skilled workers as well as professionals. Today the highest employment by industry for the African-Americans is in education and health relations.
Although in the in the world as we know it today slavery is no longer in racism does not seem to be as big as an issue as it was many years ago is still lingers amongst us. Prejudice amongst one another this deal here regardless of what race or culture one may come from. In todays world it is more acceptable for mixed races to be married and have children although you still have the select few individuals that frown upon relations from the mixed races.
In todays society even though African-Americans are more accepted I feel as if news and outside information when it comes to crimes and violence they still tend to point out more so the black culture. People assume that if they have a black individual and a white individual standing among them that the black individual is either a violent individual or affiliated with a gang. Not realizing that the white individual standing in front you is just as easily capable of violent criminal activity as well as being affiliated with a gang. The world and the American people have learned to be more tolerant of different cultures and race. Some have gone over and beyond to learn from other cultures and race. African-Americans have come before way and in todays world they become our teachers, our doctors, our school counselors and mentors, our therapists, nurses are healthcare workers etc. African-Americans are individuals that we have grown to count on in different aspects of our life on a day-to-day basis. The world will never be free completely of racism, and prejudice individuals; however it has gotten better about accepting people for who they are, where they had been and where they are going. We have learned to come together in attempt to make the world a better place a safer place for ourselves, our families as well as our future for our children. We all need to remember that taking the time to listen and learn about others regardless of their race, culture and/or background we can learn so much from one another.