Affects of Immigration

Affects of Immigration
By: Michele Dos Reis
COM220: Research Writing
Axia College
For many years people have flocked to the United States in search of the ???land of opportunity??? but many Immigrants see California as the ???American Dream???, a premiere place to raise a family, and have the white picket fenced house on a corner of a nice street. Immigrants see the California dream as most jobs working banker house of 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, this is something many Americans take for granted. Whether you are an immigrant from Asia, Latin America, Europe, or even within the United States these are all reasons that drive immigrants to California but they have one thing in common: they are all in search of new opportunities, whether to better their living situation, or employment related. For many years immigrants have found that California has always been a wonderful home. Most everyone residing within the state has at one point in there lives been an immigrant but now they tend to have a love/hate relationship about immigrants.
The large number of illegal immigrants that have entered into California has put a strain on the state. Some Californians believe that tax money is being spent poorly, Americans are losing their jobs, and this is all due to the government not tightening up the restrictions on the immigration.
In the 19th and 20th centuries immigrants where coming from all parts of the globe in search of bettering their lives and families here in the United States. Immigrants came from countries like China or England due to two important factors, it was safer and they were able to find employment. They came with high hopes that one day not only would they better their lives but they would become Americans. Today everything has changed, it is different. Legal and illegal immigrants don??™t have the same intentions, they come to better their lives for a few years then have plans to go back to their native countries. Many have no intentions of adapting to our cultures or even learning the English language. America was considered a ???melting pot??? of all different cultures and people. ???The Great American Melting Pot is not melting, as once it did,??? said Pat Buchanan {text:bibliography-mark} . Illegal Immigrants are relocating to the United States and not adapting or willing to learn our cultures and language. The biggest indication of this is that the 5th largest television broadcast station is ???Univision???, a Spanish speaking station coming out of Los Angeles, California.
Barry Chiswick from the University of Illinois conducted research and found that illegal immigrants that live in communities with fewer fellow immigrants learn the English language more fluently and quicker then immigrants that live in communities with higher populated immigrants {text:bibliography-mark} . Chiswick also found in his study that immigrants that are able to access media of a foreign language tend to not use English as well or often as immigrants who do not have the media access {text:bibliography-mark} .
Majority of immigrants in the U.S. are Spanish speaking. Over seventy percent of the United States is made up of immigrants that migrated from Spanish-speaking countries {text:bibliography-mark} . Seventy percent of all immigrants reside in New York, Florida, Texas, Illinois, and California {text:bibliography-mark} .
Hispanic immigrants are coming to the U.S. and residing in areas that are highly populated with Spanish-speaking immigrants, which are giving them a greater advantage for them to work and live in these areas without needing to learn and speak English. With the great flow of immigrants regionally, ethically concentrated, and uneducated makes it ideal for making the state multicultural. Not trying to assimilate immigrants gain employment for a couple years and then return back to their countries.
With the strain on the economy at a record worse, the immigration into the United States has caused a much greater problem. The largest reason immigration is occurring is the lack of work in countries like Mexico. You would think that with more and more immigrants working in the United States it would benefit the economy in some way. However, that would not be the case, the drawbacks outweigh the benefits. Immigrants are willing to take low wages, which in turn causes the American citizens to become unemployed and turn to the welfare system to support themselves and their families. This goes to show you that we as American??™s are proving that we are spoiled, possibly lazy due to the fact that we are so use to and comfortable with making ???high dollar??? wages. Sixty percent of immigrants that live in the U.S. since 1980 make under $20,000 a year {text:bibliography-mark} . If you were to think about it, we are possibly importing poverty into America but is immigrants were not coming to the United States would we as Americans be willing to take that drastic pay cut, work hard labor and long hours to get the job done. Almost all immigrants that have came to the United States have little education and skills but are willing to work to make less then your average American and more then what they were making in their countries. The average immigrant has only a 9th grade education and a large number of immigrants have never graduated from high school {text:bibliography-mark} .
With the cost of providing welfare to American citizens ranges over $15 billion a year {text:bibliography-mark} . Native-born workers lose $114 billion a year as a result of wage depression caused by immigrant labor {text:bibliography-mark} . All in all immigrants are not helping the economic crisis. Due to the fact of the amount of uneducated and low-skilled immigrants that are being allowed to enter into the United States. Again this is causing us to be importing poverty and illegal workers to balance the workforce.
The tax burden placed on the citizens within the United States has caused a major problem that resulted from the loose restrictions of immigration. Each year Americans are paying millions of dollars in tax money to provide health care, education and other social service programs to help illegal immigrants. California being the state that was hit the hardest with paying more then $3.5 billion a year to educate illegal immigrants, that were in enrolled in the public school system {text:bibliography-mark} . In 2006, $1.4 billion was used to provide medical care {text:bibliography-mark} . Immigrants are able to obtain emergency healthcare at no cost easier then the citizens of California.
With the rising number of immigrants coming to the United States each year, the average American may one day be out numbered but without the diversity the United States would not be America. With tighter restrictions on immigration laws, immigration would one day not be all that bad.