Affects of Drugs

The Community is a wide ranging of discipline which mostly requires a lot of knowledge about what??™s goes on in a community. This is usually understood incorporate fashion because a lot goes on in a community this days. My thesis is ???I remember to avoid first person. wonder why kids think it??™s good to do drugs or sell them when they know it wrong in the first place. People believe it??™s cool to sell drugs because they see people with nice car and jewelry which make them think wow I can do the same thing as they does and be live like them. It??™s a lot of people who don??™t do drugs and planned on keep it like that even though some of there family might be doing it which in their heart they feel its wrong. Everybody in the world should know drugs in danger it can leader to death or violence between gangs or people who sales drug in the world???.
I plan to support my thesis by looking at different view from each sides argument. Many kids are affected by drugs in school, the street, and their community everyday. Also I plan to argue the fact that some kids choose to sell drug causes it give them change to be big in there neighborhood or city. Mostly in this essay the author will provide a lot of supporting details along with some supporting graph details comparing things like drugs users who preferred a smoking environment, and comparison to men and women who indicated that drug can change people life who use drugs. I can address all my counter arguments by standing my ground by speak my mind, showing that my argument is irrefutable by emphasizing my stronger point on this subject. I would suggest removing this paragraph. instead of telling readers what you will do in your essay, get right to the ideas and details.
Dependent use a lot of different drugs to finance their addiction in this world, which mostly of them things been illegal to have in the first place. Although there are many addicts who become avoiding in non-drug items such as food, clothing, housing or heating, sex industry, also on occasional or regular involvement in acquisitive crime such as shoplifting, burglary, fraud or drug dealing is frequently to earn money for drugs.? The issue dependent on the drug user because which is mostly the cause of crime in a community. It is possible that drug use and non-drug offending can share the same common knowledge at the some extent. However, there is no strong evidence that can prove drugs cause violence in community. If violent crime was to fall, the health and welfare should mostly increased extremely, and the size of the illicit drug should decreased drametly. Firstly, drawing attention to offending the users may tend further to stigmatise them and provide a justification for a much tougher approach to them. You have lots of strong ideas. Work on grammar and spelling and use 1 or 2 quotes from your research to support your ideas.
Secondly, even if a user??™s drug needs are fully met by prescription s/he may continue to offend.? Above all, we need to educate our communities about all aspects of the drug.?  Social policy makers and the community in general need to be much better informed about the drugs scene. Drug-related violence can be divided into two main categories . Firstly there is the violence that is associated with intoxification of drug use. This is most evident with regard to alcohol rather than the illicit drugs and it seems probable that it can only be reduced through an overall reduction in the levels of intoxification. The second category of violence is associated with drug dealing, and results directly from the fact that drugs are a high value commodity, irrespective of their legal status. One need look no further than the development of major organization crime (and the associated violence) as a consequence of the prohibition of alcohol in the US earlier this century to understand how a large illicit drug market can generate violent crime problem.
???A National surveys once show the world all different types of institutions of higher education that have found community college students and those attending four-year colleges differ in a number of areas, including social demographics and alcohol and other drug (AOD) use and related problems??? Good job using a quote here. Rememebr to cite the source. . ???Because community are so closely linked to try to prevention strategies that are mostly based on collaborations and coalitions with organizations, institutions, and businesses are likely to yield??? to find a very successful outcomes out the situation. Among this practices described different type policy development, implementation, and enforcement; responsible hosting; community coalitions; and the use of social marketing, mass media to try to end this situation in the world. Then come the youth aged of kids sale drugs from 12 to 17 in their community which mostly mean they will end up volient behavior, gangs and drug abuse converge. The teen would steal and type abuse drugs, join gangs in their community, as compared to teens who do not use drugs to those one who do use them which is not a good idea in my mind. Think this is not a big deal you should be very considering since teens who participate in gangs are more likely to be involved in violent acts and drug use during there gang type of lifestyle. People need to know that youth gangs is no longer the real big city problem the big problem is really drugs. Parent must know gang activity could be in there child??™s school so could drugs which tell everybody it??™s not only in the street no more. The main reason kids fall into the drugs world when they end up hang with the wrong crowd which turn out to be a very big decision in life. But I wonder will the world be able to stop people from getting drug and get the people who got drugs of the streets maybe community could get better. If we can get drugs off the street maybe death rate will go down and then maybe gangs would go always during this process also. I think if school talk more about what drugs do to people maybe this could change the mind of kids who think about approach the street life which should be the thought run through there mind at all because they need the education more then the street life. I won??™t young kids to know that been a hustler is not a good idea because they can grow up to be a person who could make a very big different in the world one day. If every child think they and stay on the correct path of life this world would be something special to everybody living. That why I believe school should create more after school activity to keep teenagers of the street and keep their mind on the right path to been a very successful person one day. This is a very strong paragraph! Also I won??™t parents to know they play the biggest role in there child life when it come to illicit drugs and gangs behavior because a child need to know their parents are going to be there for them no matter what when the child need help. The thing people need to know is that drug is not only in the street it??™s also in sports, hospital which in sports people are taken substance that is banned. Then drug from the hospital people that illegal is mostly been stolen and end up abuse the different drug they took from the hospital. Once people find out the truth that you can get drugs from any other place then the street because it??™s other way people can get a high rather than cocaine, marijuana, and heroin. People that do drugs need to that all drugs is doing when ingested it is affect the functioning of both the mind and body. The government should come up with better strategic outlook to help stop illicit trafficking in the united state because if they happen maybe a lot of change can come about. Also the government need to come up with more drug prevention program for teenagers kids to keep them from using drug because all they need to its better life out there rather then using drugs. Well the government need to create more drugs policy to try to keep the drugs off the street and out of drug dealers hands. The big question is why do people do drugs in the first place when the drugs they are using is not prescription to them or not illegal to have. This essays touch on all part on the subjects of drugs like it talk bout different drugs and talk a lot about how drugs effect everybody community. Everybody should learn a lot of different stuff from this essays to keep them updated