Advertising on Campus

Advertising on Campus
Just imagine a state-of-the-art school filled with the latest technology, such as laptops for each student, ELMOS in every classroom, and textbooks online to make things easier for the students. Most public schools today cannot live up to the ideal standard for schools, mostly because of funding issues. Those problems could be easily solved by allowing advertising into the school system, which would provide an additional source of revenue and make new equipment available to the students. Although, there may be some negative effects of advertising, such as commercialization, the benefits such as more funding for programs, an increased student morale, and higher student enrollment rates, heavily outweigh the negatives.
Permitting advertisers to market their products in schools would allow for more money to fund such programs as academic, athletics, and arts departments. The economy is faltering and because of that the education system is being compromised. This means that there is a decrease in government funding of public education; however, this can be remedied by supplementing the budget with additional income created by advertising. Allowing advertising in schools would, for the most part, not negatively impact students, but instead benefit them on many levels. Many programs such as visual and performing arts are being eliminated altogether from school curriculum because of lack of funding, but money from advertisers could help save those necessary programs. Athletics would benefit as well, since the advertisers would supply students with new sports equipment allowing them to improve their skills and practice more efficiently. Some critics may accuse the schools of ???selling out??? or becoming too commercial; however, the students will not see it that way as their studies because of advertising revenue and the equipment and technology purchased with that money.
Additionally, another advantage of allowing advertising in schools would likely be a boost in the morale of the entire student body. Everyone prefers beautiful surroundings filled with color and liveliness compared to the dull monochromatic schemes of school buildings; students are no exception. To clarify, advertising would make the dreary school surroundings exciting by displaying their captivating posters and banners throughout the school. Furthermore, revenue made from advertising would allow the schools to purchase new technology, which would increase school pride, and in turn, increase student morale as well. Some may argue that advertising will hinder the students learning if the school looks too commercialized, but students are already bombarded with commercialism in the media almost constantly, making them all but immune. Therefore, the benefits of increased student morale greatly outweigh the downside of advertising in schools.
It is certainly true that parents want their students to be enrolled in the best possible school, which is mostly based on test scores and national ranking. By increasing morale, test scores would increase exponentially. Additionally, the school??™s national ranking would also improve since scores are mostly based on prestige and quality of the education received at the school. To clarify, with more money available to hire teachers with higher qualifications and acquire better quality equipment, the quality of the school would improve, and thus improve the ranking on a national level. This leads to an increased student enrollment rate winning the district prestige and a reputation as being filled with excellent school establishments. In short, allowing for advertising in school will improve schools on many levels, academically, economically, as well as socially.
Naturally, students deserve the very best that the education system can offer them, and with advertising in schools the students will gain the best possible education for them due to increased funding and new equipment that would become available to them. It is undeniable that there may be some negative effects as well, yet there are numerous more positive effects such as increased income to supplement government funding in schools, boosted student moral, and raising student enrollment. In truth, it is hard to get ahead, especially academically, and everyone wants students to be as well prepared as possible for life ahead of them, so if allowing advertising in school is a small cost for education, then it??™s a small to price to pay for the future of the students.