Being Adopted

Events happen in our lives, some big and some small. Some of us can actually pinpoint certain
events that will forever be changing our lives. During my twenty-seven years here, many events that
have changed my life. One that stands out was being adopted, into an amazing family.

My mother was just 14 years old when I was born. She tried to raise me but unfortunately for
her,found it too difficult. In and out of foster home, finally, when I was three, I was adopted. My
parents Jim and Margaret were both from Kilkenny, Ireland. They had one daughter
already, Anne, who was thirteen at the time. Margaret tried to have another child but unfortunately,
was unable to conceive. Jim and Margaret wanted to adopt. Going through the adoption process
was very difficult. There were many different hoops they had to go through. Originally they
wanted a baby but Margaret said that it didnt matter to her how old the child was; she just wanted to
adopt and raise the child as her own. One day they received a call from Catholic Charities saying there
was a child that they should spend some time with. My parents were very excited and immediately set
up a time and day to visit.

From what I have been told and the little I remember, all I wanted to do while they were there
that day was play with Anne. Jim and Margaret were ecstatic with this. Once the visit was complete,
they started the process of adopting me. The adoption was official on Christmas eve of 1986. I am still
referred to as ???the best Christmas present??? that they have ever received. Growing up over the years I
was always given what I needed. Since I joined my family I have traveled to Ireland twice a year.
Growing up in Ireland, my parents didnt have much. They both grew up with poor back grounds and
came from very large families. They didnt have material items of any worth, but were able to get by on
what they had. They wanted to have children so they could give them the life they never had. Speaking
for myself and not my sister, I can say I have had the best life so far (Im sure she would agree with

Being adopted has changed my life in so many different ways. It has made me who I am today.
My parents were foreign to America themselves, trying to start their own lives here. My dad came over
and served in the Vietnam War at the age of 29. My mom followed a few years later with my sister,
Anne. Before coming to the States my parents both met in Kilkenny Ireland. They moved to England a
few years later. After moving to England Anne was born. Once my dad was out of the war they both

went back to Ireland and got married and then both moved to the States together. This in itself must
have been very difficult for them. By their love and graciousness they took me into their lives and
treated me as I was their own. I can never thank them enough for the life they have given me.