Ad Essay

When you first look at the advertisement you see the body of a woman in a bathing suit holding a green beverage of the brand Bit Copa. The words ???REFRSHINGLY BRAZILIAN a bit MORE exciting??? in green as well. The bathing suit is pretty skimpy and it is black with red edging. She has her right arm just below her swimming suit top and her left arm is holding the Bit Copa beer. The girl in the ad has body paint on that make up three faces. There are two faces, one on each breast with the swimming suit top making up their noses and mouths. The two faces are made up of just eyes, eye lashes, eye brows, cheeks, and hair. One of them has brunette hair with blue eyes and red eye shadow and the other has blond hair with orange eyes. On the right arm that is across her body there are little rd and yellow fingertips as if they are holding onto her arm to hold themselves up with their legs hanging below. The blond one has on green pants with brown shoes and the brunette has a pink dress with yellow slippers on. The two female faces are looking down at a painted male picture which has a painted face made up of brown hair, ears, white eyes which are looking up at the two girls, red nose, giant red lips, a black mouth made from her belly button, one hand that looks like it is waving up at the girls, white shirt with black strips, and a flower in the other hand. The whole ad has bright lit up flowers all around it. The beverage in her right hand has a straw coming out of it that is going into the black mouth of the male who appears to drinking it.

When you look at the ad and try to figure out what they are trying to tell you, you first have to see what the main focus is. In this ad, I can tell they are advertising a Bit Copa beverage. For someone that has never had or been exposed to Bit Copa, you wouldn??™t know anything about it. From the ad, I can see that they want you to know that it is refreshing and exciting because the words ???Refreshingly Brazilian??? are in all caps and the words ???a Bit more exciting also appears. The little figure of the male drinking it appears to be having a good time while staring up at two females. The two Females that are looking at him appear to be curious about what he is drinking. Even the flowers that surround the ad look to be almost psychedelic in color, just very alive.

The ad is trying to appeal to the younger crowd, probably male because of the use of the tan, young girl in a skimpy swimming suit. They want young males to think that if they drink this Bit Copa, they will have girls looking at them too. With the use of the psychedelic colors, they want to give the feeling of a good time. They want you to imagine an atmosphere that has music, lots of people, possibly near the beach with girls in swimming suits. When you tie in the whole picture with the words ???Refreshingly Brazilian??? bold and in green right next to be beverage, they are trying to give you the sense of a warm environment and by drinking this you will be cooled and refreshed.