Significance Of A War

Significance Of A War

Through out the history of the earth, war has been a constant and on going

occurrence. Fights for freedom, or battles for future safety. What ever reason

one may have for going to war, may never be completely understood. Still as

the first days of war go on, no one thinks as to the importance it will have in

their history. How future people will read and talk about it. As was in

Vietnam, the importance is not seen until all is done. I find it good to

acknowledge the event that took place during the Vietnam War. Although

many say it was a war everyone lost, it is still a significant event in

American history.

America since its first years of independence, has never been one to be a

bully. Even now with our military superiority, we as a country find it wrong

to disturb the peace. Unless of course, we find it absolutely necessary.

Necessary to prevent peace from being disturbed in the future, in a worse

manner. To ensure American freedom, the United States sees it as a must to

defend the ways of democracy. With such proof as World War II, the U.S.


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