Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment

Code of Ethics

Article I
Honesty is the foundation in which trust is built upon, and I promise to uphold honesty in highest regards in my personal as well as my private life.
. I will search for the truth before making any assumptions or decisions.
?ยท I will never knowingly give out any false information and will never distort the truth to
persuade others.
Honesty is essential my life, because

Integrity is having the ability to hold up to my own personal moral beliefs.

In modern day society as it get more cultural diverse I must learn to respect others. I will do this by erasing stereotypes, and approaching situation in an unbiased manner. There will be times where it will be impossible for me to be unbiased. In this case, I believe it would be best not to get involved in the situation. It will be my duty to examine any cultural differences I might have with peers in order to respect where they are coming from. I will show compassion

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