The definition of learning is a change in a person?s behavior due to observation or past

experiences. In other words our behavior is altered by what we so others doing and we then

change our behaviors to match theirs, in order to fit in with society. We also learn from past

experiences, for example when we are young and touch a hot stove, we learn very quickly to be

more cautious around stoves. Learning is an essential function we must do in order to adapt and

survive in the world.

My research project for operant conditioning would involve small children as the test subjects and

by using discipline, positive, negative and no reinforcement to convince them to do their

homework. The discipline aspect would be tested with the operant being by spanking the child

whenever they did not do their homework. The consequence would then of course be the

spanking itself. I think that the outcome of this method could result in one of two ways; the child

will either do all their work in fear of the spanking or lie about homework to avoid the

punishment. Although in most cases this is an effective form of conditioning, it is also

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